Thursday, October 21, 2010

Call for Submissions! is looking for submissions!

We want to fill the pages of our 2011 edition with your best work. The University of Windsor’ s magazine is currently accepting submissions from all over Canada.

Send us your most magnificent prose, poetry and/or photography. We want to see your short stories
(1,000 words max.), flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetic experiments from haiku to epics
and beyond. Though we think colour is marvelous, we can currently only accept black and white
photography, but place no restrictions on subject matter or vision. If you are an undergraduate student,
full- or part-time, at any Canadian university, then you are eligible to submit to

The deadline for submissions is December 31st 2010. 
See below for submission guidelines and application form. 
Email us at with questions, comments, praise, or all three.

Submission Guidelines

 Please send submissions to generation.magazine Submission deadline is December 31st, 2010.
  • We accept: prose, poetry, creative non-fiction, photography, and other visual art.
  • Please use a legible font. We like Times New Roman and other sensible ones. 
  • 10-12pt font please, no silliness.
  • .doc or .rtf format
  • Keep it under 1,000 words. We might accept slightly more, providing your work is spectacular.
  • 5 pages per author/submission. No being clever and submitting more than once. We're on to you.
  • Undergraduate students only, sorry Grad students. 
  • Payment is in the form of a contributor's copy, we're students, we can't afford to give you real money
  • We ask for first printing rights, and if we want them, we'll ask you for electronic rights. Also your soul.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, just make sure you tell us if you get accepted elsewhere so no-one gets upset.
Don`t include your name or information in your submission - use this form and place it in the body of your submission email:

Affiliated University/College:
Program of Study:
Media type (poetry/art etc):
Word count:

All our communication is done by email. Please provide a working email address that we can contact you on regarding your submission.